Senior Dog Rescue of Oregon
Saving dogs ages 6 & up

Every day wonderful older dogs find themselves homeless for many different reasons. All share one characteristic: the public perception that older dogs are less valuable.

SDRO is challenging that belief one dog at a time. We are educating people about the value of older dogs with every adoption we do. Spread the word that senior dogs are:

bullet Calm
bullet Loyal
bullet Affectionate
bullet Socialized
bullet Perfect companions
bullet Vet checked
bullet Personality plus
bullet Exercise buddies

Dogs change the adopters' world; Adopters change senior dogs' world!

Adopt! ~ Foster! ~ Volunteer! ~ Donate!

Happy New Year from SDRO
Happy New Year from SDRO!
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2015 SDRO Calendar
Pictured are Cricket and Montee, best friends
2015 Calendar

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